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Dr. John Chandler and Dr. George Bresnick, 1986-1990

Dr. John Chandler

Dr. John Chandler and Dr. George Bresnick, 1986-1990

In 1986, Dr. John Chandler, MD becomes the chairman of the Department of Ophthalmology. A 1965 graduate, Dr. Chandler is considered one of the outstanding authorities in the field of immune reaction in corneal transplants and anterior segment disease. In 1989, with the support of Dr. Davis, Dr. Chandler initiates an ambitious building program that will double the Department’s clinical outpatient facilities at University Station Clinic, adding more than 8,000 square feet of research space for Ophthalmology. The expansion of research space, entirely supported with outside funding, paves the way to recruit basic science faculty in Cell and Molecular Biology.

Dinny Davis


In the same year, Dinny Davis receives an Award of Merit from the Retina and Macula Societies, in recognition of his outstanding contribution to national clinical studies of diabetic retinopathy, and the AAO honors the Department with a Distinguished Service Award, celebrating the program’s valuable contributions to medicine by training many excellent ophthalmologists in art, science and ethics.

Dr. George Bresnick

Dr. George Bresnick

In 1990, as Dr. Chandler moves to Chicago to head the University of Illinois program, Dr. George Bresnick, MD assumes the position of acting Chairman of Ophthalmology. Dr. Bresnick, a 20-year member of the department’s retina service, immediately takes measures to improve administrative efficiency in the Department, appointing Vice Chairs to cover the three major responsibilities of academic ophthalmology—Dr. Thomas Stevens, MD in Clinical Affairs; Dr. Todd Perkins, MD in Education; and Dr. Curtis Brandt, MD in Research..

In 1991, Dr. Paul Kaufman pushes to change the name to the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences to underscore its research mission.

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